Bread topped with glossy dark burgundy jam.

How to make honey sweetened jam

Ever since making my first batch of honey sweetened cranberry sauce a couple of years ago I’ve been quite intrigued by the making of preserves and jam, though I’ve actually experimented with it very little. I’ve made various varieties of curd, fruit butter (which is one of my favourite things in the world)and compote, but […]


Kale quinoa tabbouleh

Happy Monday! For the last few weeks I’ve been going through one of those times where everything’s felt a bit lackluster and a bit like wading through waist deep mud. So after a mindfully restful weekend I’m starting this week with renewed energy, and to help with the energy super charge I’ve whipped up a […]


Spicy squash and bean dip

The other day I went on a bit of a culinary and linguistic journey, and ended up with delicious spicy squash and bean dip! Result! This recipe started somewhere completely different from where it ended up. I had actually set out to make hummus, but when I found I was out of chickpeas -a horrific […]

Falafel with dill buttermilk dressing

Falafel with dill buttermilk dressing

I have a confession to make. I have been trying to start this post for two days, and keep getting lured aside by facebook, and twitter, and articles on celebrities I care nothing about, and new book releases, and about 300 cups of coffee, and… well pretty much anything else that flits into my consciousness. […]

Seeded Wheat and Rye Bread

Seeded wheat and rye bread

The last couple of weeks have been weird. It started on the long weekend at the end of February. There were all kinds of things going on which made it one of those times which very much felt that the universe was at work, silently moving in our lives in mysterious and significant ways. There […]


My 100th post!

Today is my 100th post! To celebrate what is a bit of a milestone in my blogging life, I’m taking a look back at my favourite 10 recipes! I started this blog on August 1st (my birthday) last year, and so far it has been an incredible adventure. It’s been constant learning, discovering all kinds […]

Carrot Mango Turmeric Lassi

Carrot mango turmeric lassi

For the last couple of weeks there has been a doozie of a cold doing the rounds in Shetland. It’s one of these epic seasonal bugs that starts off with the sniffles and rapidly turns into weeks of the gross, unshakable cold-induced misery. I think everyone here has had it and -after smuggly gloating to […]

Vegan Passion fruit Chocolate Delice

Vegan Passion Fruit Chocolate Delice

Happy Valentine’s Day!! In my view, Valentine’s Day is a bit corny, a bit cheesy, and because of these factors… fun! Really, what fun is life without a little bit of over-the-top sentimentality. And what better to celebrate such an occasion than with Vegan Passion Fruit Chocolate Delice! There was a time when I would […]