A vibrant, colourful bowl of fresh salsa with black eyed beans throughout and baked tortilla chips.

Black eyed salsa

Happy Canada Day!! Well what a mad couple of weeks it’s been! Between the whirlwind of the EU referendum (and the ensuing turmoil it seems to have stirred up on both sides), and the end of the school year, it’s all been a bit of a roller coaster. But today was the last day of […]

A bowl of red rice with green leaves running through it, topped with three bright, fresh radishes.

Red rice and radish greens

The second radish recipe of the great radish adventure has to do with the radish tops rather than the radishes themselves. Red rice and radish greens! Up until recently it would not have occurred to me to use vegetable tops in cooking. Usually those beautiful leafy greens would be disregarded and then swiftly discarded. Then, […]

Bowl of pink radish potato soup

Radish potato soup

While perusing the local shop’s selection of veggies the other day, I came across the most beautiful radishes. They were bright red-pink with white and tied in bundles with their leafy green tops. So pretty. I was inspired to buy a couple of bundles and see what I could come up with to make the […]

New potatoes with herby green dressing

Chimichurri new potatoes

A few years back my big sister Sophie made a potato salad so glorious that it has lingered in my memory and dreams ever since. It was a hot summer day in Vancouver and my Brother-In-Law had barbecued. We sat in the shade of their huge covered deck eating burgers and salad and sipping lemonade. […]

Crisp ceasar salad with golden croutons and a slice of lemon

Vegan Ceasar salad with polenta croutons

I love Ceasar salad. I love the fresh romaine lettuce covered in creamy garlic filled dressing and the warming crunch of fresh croutons. It’s delicious. However, there is a caveat to its splendor; for vegetarians, and even more so for vegans, it is right off the menu. Ceasar salad was purportedly invented by Ceasar Cardini, […]

Small bowl of creamy pudding with a strip of lemon zest on top

Lemon ginger semolina pudding

This past weekend was glorious. It was a long weekend with both Friday and Monday off, and the weather was spectacular, warm, sunny, and alive. We spent our long weekend at beaches, playgrounds, gardens, having picnics in the sunshine, watching bumblebees buzz among the flours, and birds nest in the cliffs. Perfect! So after a […]

Golden flatbread with dark green pesto and lumps of browned goat's cheese

Beremeal flatbread with nettle watercress pesto

Today was a day for some glorious green food. With spring well underway and the garden filled with resplendent life, I was inspired to once again forage some nettles. This time I combined them with watercress to make a pesto that screams springtime. Then I whipped up some flatbread using some beautiful local beremeal, and […]

Glossy bars of crinkled dark chocolate with flecks of puffed grain, and red and black dried fruit within it

Popped spelt chocolate bars

Yesterday morning I was experimenting with popping grains again -I go through phases of attempting to pop all of those leftover bits of grain in bags at the back of the cupboard- and ended up with some glorious popped spelt! Spelt is a lovely grain and, as evident by its inclusion in oodles of my […]

A dark golden crusty round loaf of bread with chunks of dark chocolate running through the crust.

Chocolate Brazil nut sourdough

Today’s post is in celebration of Real Bread Week! As you may know from looking at past posts here, I am a huge, huge fan of bread. I love it. I love everything about it, and for me, making bread is a mindful calming thing that fills me with a ridiculous amount of joy, and […]

Dark green nettle leaves coated in crunchy golden dressing.

Tahini lime nettle crisps

My second adventure in foraging (the first being kelp bread!)is in nettles, the resulting recipe some surprisingly delicious tahini lime nettle crisps. The first time that I ever heard about anyone consuming nettles was years ago when a dear friend and I were having an adventure living in a stationary school bus in the middle […]