Three small bowls filled with golden baked porridge and oozing with rhubarb.

Rhubarb quinoa baked oatmeal

We live in one half of a semi-detached house out in the boonies in Shetland. The other half of the house belongs to my lovely-sister-in-law, and her lovely husband. It’s a really nice situation to have family in the other side of the house. It’s nice for us and for our boys to have that […]

Bowl of black soup filled with glossy black beans, shreds of red pepper and topped with fresh green coriander leaves and a dollop of yogurt.

Black bean soup

The other day I made one of my all time favourites; black bean soup. I had been in a bit of a funk of low energy which lead to lethargy and mad procrastination, which in turn ends up sucking the joy out of your days. Something had to be done! I’ve been contemplating balance a […]

A sliced golden loaf cake, the top covered in snowy white shredded coconut, a bite missing from one of the slices.

Pineapple coconut whole wheat cake

The weather here in Shetland has been a bit disconcerting of late. We’ve encountered -over the course of several disconcerting meteorological events- snow and sleet at seriously pout-inducing frequency. “But it’s spring” I proclaim in outrage, and Buddy scoffs. So this weekend I’m bringing on the sunshine with some the sunny flavours of the tropics […]

A bowl of earthy brown cream soup topped with green thyme leaves, and chunks of rustic bread on the side.

Cashew cream of mushroom soup

It’s spring here in Shetland. About a month ago the crocuses came into bloom, followed by the daffodils. Birds are nesting, lambing has begun, and we’ve seen the first of the bumble bees. We even had a beach day. And then … this happened… Snow… in April amid the spring time loveliness… SNOW! I was […]

A rustic , flour covered round loaf with a chunk torn from it.

Kelp bread

For a while now I’ve been increasingly interested by the idea of cooking with sea weed. So the other day, when inspiration struck, I gave it a try and made some whole wheat kelp bread. Going into it I had no idea what to expect and, I must say, I was thrilled with the results! […]

Small glossy dark chocolate Easter eggs, a bite taken from one, surrounded by purple and white flowers.

Chocolate coconut date Easter eggs

Happy Easter! Hard to believe it’s that time again! The flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are starting to nest, and the Easter Bunny has made his rounds! Spring is definitely here. For those of us who are unrepentant chocoholics, clearly Easter is synonymous with one thing… chocolate. And when said unrepentant chocoholic finds […]

A row of golden semi-circular pastries.

Black bean and sweet potato empanadas

When you look at the food of different cultures it’s clear that we live in a wide, colorful and endlessly varied culinary landscape. There are however always those dishes that seem to resonate the world over with each culture boasting a version of the same theme. Flat-breads, noodles, porridge, stews, and of course some variation […]

A rustic flour covered, oblong loaf.

Sourdough basics

Today’s post comes from a place of absolute delight. After fermenting away for the past six weeks in pride of place in our fridge, my glorious sourdough culture has, without any assistance from added yeast, leavened it’s first beautiful loaf! So today I figured I’d share my sourdough journey so far and talk about what […]

A rustic, straight sided tart filled with glossy chocolate filling and topped with a dollop or shiny red sorbet.

Vegan chocolate tart

Happy Saturday! Here we are at another weekend, and I must say that the week that this one proceeds has been a really good one! The weather has been magnificent surrounding us with the undeniable signs of spring, we’ve been busy, productive and have spent time with family and friends, have made jam and bread, […]