Glossy bars of crinkled dark chocolate with flecks of puffed grain, and red and black dried fruit within it

Popped spelt chocolate bars

Yesterday morning I was experimenting with popping grains again -I go through phases of attempting to pop all of those leftover bits of grain in bags at the back of the cupboard- and ended up with some glorious popped spelt! Spelt is a lovely grain and, as evident by its inclusion in oodles of my […]

A sliced golden loaf cake, the top covered in snowy white shredded coconut, a bite missing from one of the slices.

Pineapple coconut whole wheat cake

The weather here in Shetland has been a bit disconcerting of late. We’ve encountered -over the course of several disconcerting meteorological events- snow and sleet at seriously pout-inducing frequency. “But it’s spring” I proclaim in outrage, and Buddy scoffs. So this weekend I’m bringing on the sunshine with some the sunny flavours of the tropics […]

A rustic , flour covered round loaf with a chunk torn from it.

Kelp bread

For a while now I’ve been increasingly interested by the idea of cooking with sea weed. So the other day, when inspiration struck, I gave it a try and made some whole wheat kelp bread. Going into it I had no idea what to expect and, I must say, I was thrilled with the results! […]

Seeded Wheat and Rye Bread

Seeded wheat and rye bread

The last couple of weeks have been weird. It started on the long weekend at the end of February. There were all kinds of things going on which made it one of those times which very much felt that the universe was at work, silently moving in our lives in mysterious and significant ways. There […]

Ricotta Spelt Pancakes

Spelt ricotta pancakes

Hooray, it’s here! Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake day! The one day in the year when pancakes taste that extra bit special. This year in honour of the tradition, I’m making spelt ricotta pancakes and serving them with fruit. I always try and celebrate pancakes by… well…making pancakes (because really any reason to have […]

Vegan spelt gyoza

Vegan spelt gyoza

Today I made vegan spelt gyoza for lunch and, I must say, they were delicious! I love dumplings. In fact many of my very favourite foods fall into the dumpling category, among them gnocchi and perogies. But until today I had never made gyoza before, let alone vegan spelt gyoza! Gyoza are the Japanese version […]

Roasted chickpea pita wrap

Roasted chickpea pita wraps

On Wednesday I posted about how to make whole wheat pita bread, so today how about a delicious filling for your freshly baked pita? Roasted chickpea pita wraps! Chickpeas are a pretty classic filling for pitas in the form of glorious and delicious falafel of course, but a few months ago I was thinking about […]


Pita bread

As a bit of a bread enthusiast (or mad fanatic), not only looking to learn the beautiful skill of bread making, but also to expand my repetoire of lunches beyond soup, I’ve been thinking for ages about having a go at making pita breads. I must admit that I’ve weirdly found the prospect a bit […]


Cold-risen spelt bread

Today’s post is one that I’ve been particularly excited about as it involves Sourdough!! I absolutely love sourdough. I love the texture and the flavour of the bread, but equally I love the lore and traditions involved, and the care and…well…love, that sourdough bakers put into their bread. With care a sourdough starter can live […]