A vibrant, colourful bowl of fresh salsa with black eyed beans throughout and baked tortilla chips.

Black eyed salsa

Happy Canada Day!! Well what a mad couple of weeks it’s been! Between the whirlwind of the EU referendum (and the ensuing turmoil it seems to have stirred up on both sides), and the end of the school year, it’s all been a bit of a roller coaster. But today was the last day of […]

A bowl of red rice with green leaves running through it, topped with three bright, fresh radishes.

Red rice and radish greens

The second radish recipe of the great radish adventure has to do with the radish tops rather than the radishes themselves. Red rice and radish greens! Up until recently it would not have occurred to me to use vegetable tops in cooking. Usually those beautiful leafy greens would be disregarded and then swiftly discarded. Then, […]

Bowl of pink radish potato soup

Radish potato soup

While perusing the local shop’s selection of veggies the other day, I came across the most beautiful radishes. They were bright red-pink with white and tied in bundles with their leafy green tops. So pretty. I was inspired to buy a couple of bundles and see what I could come up with to make the […]

Dark green nettle leaves coated in crunchy golden dressing.

Tahini lime nettle crisps

My second adventure in foraging (the first being kelp bread!)is in nettles, the resulting recipe some surprisingly delicious tahini lime nettle crisps. The first time that I ever heard about anyone consuming nettles was years ago when a dear friend and I were having an adventure living in a stationary school bus in the middle […]

Bowl of black soup filled with glossy black beans, shreds of red pepper and topped with fresh green coriander leaves and a dollop of yogurt.

Black bean soup

The other day I made one of my all time favourites; black bean soup. I had been in a bit of a funk of low energy which lead to lethargy and mad procrastination, which in turn ends up sucking the joy out of your days. Something had to be done! I’ve been contemplating balance a […]

A bowl of earthy brown cream soup topped with green thyme leaves, and chunks of rustic bread on the side.

Cashew cream of mushroom soup

It’s spring here in Shetland. About a month ago the crocuses came into bloom, followed by the daffodils. Birds are nesting, lambing has begun, and we’ve seen the first of the bumble bees. We even had a beach day. And then … this happened… Snow… in April amid the spring time loveliness… SNOW! I was […]


Kale quinoa tabbouleh

Happy Monday! For the last few weeks I’ve been going through one of those times where everything’s felt a bit lackluster and a bit like wading through waist deep mud. So after a mindfully restful weekend I’m starting this week with renewed energy, and to help with the energy super charge I’ve whipped up a […]


Spicy squash and bean dip

The other day I went on a bit of a culinary and linguistic journey, and ended up with delicious spicy squash and bean dip! Result! This recipe started somewhere completely different from where it ended up. I had actually set out to make hummus, but when I found I was out of chickpeas -a horrific […]

Vegan Passion fruit Chocolate Delice

Vegan Passion Fruit Chocolate Delice

Happy Valentine’s Day!! In my view, Valentine’s Day is a bit corny, a bit cheesy, and because of these factors… fun! Really, what fun is life without a little bit of over-the-top sentimentality. And what better to celebrate such an occasion than with Vegan Passion Fruit Chocolate Delice! There was a time when I would […]


Raspberry lemon lacto-fermented oats

The other day I found this article on lacto-fermented oats. Hmmm… apart from a pretty un-appetizing sounding name, the whole concept was a little bit perplexing. In the title of the article it even states: “(It’s not weird at all!)”… Isn’t it?? No! It turns out it’s not weird at all, in fact it makes […]