Dark green nettle leaves coated in crunchy golden dressing.

Tahini lime nettle crisps

My second adventure in foraging (the first being kelp bread!)is in nettles, the resulting recipe some surprisingly delicious tahini lime nettle crisps. The first time that I ever heard about anyone consuming nettles was years ago when a dear friend and I were having an adventure living in a stationary school bus in the middle […]


Orange oat and rye cookies

A few days ago we were sitting inside on a cloudy, rainy, windy and generally miserable day. As the grey light lit the room with gloomy rain-streaked light, a glumness and boredom took hold of the household. I got lured, as I too easily do, into aimlessly roaming the internet while convincing myself that it […]


Ancient grains with lentils

In my world, grains are having a serious moment. I am quite infatuated with the countless varieties of wholesome whole grains with their innumerable nutritional super powers. So today, while trying to think of what to make, I decided to whip up an extravaganza of grain-y goodness in the form of mixed ancient grains with […]


Veggie fried rice

I’ve been thinking about delivery food. There was a time, not so long ago, where not a week would go by with out my ordering food for delivery. I loved it. There’s something inherently satisfying about eating delivery out of it’s tin foil box in front of a good movie, obviously followed by popcorn and […]