Golden flatbread with dark green pesto and lumps of browned goat's cheese

Beremeal flatbread with nettle watercress pesto

Today was a day for some glorious green food. With spring well underway and the garden filled with resplendent life, I was inspired to once again forage some nettles. This time I combined them with watercress to make a pesto that screams springtime. Then I whipped up some flatbread using some beautiful local beremeal, and […]


Barley honey flat-breads

Today is one of the most important and anticipated days in Shetland’s calendar. This is the day to celebrate a proud Viking heritage, and to burn away the cold of winter with a rip-roaring fire festival. Today is Up Helly Aa! Up Helly Aa is a mad, raucous, and jaw-droppingly remarkable celebration, and one that […]