A vibrant, colourful bowl of fresh salsa with black eyed beans throughout and baked tortilla chips.

Black eyed salsa

Happy Canada Day!! Well what a mad couple of weeks it’s been! Between the whirlwind of the EU referendum (and the ensuing turmoil it seems to have stirred up on both sides), and the end of the school year, it’s all been a bit of a roller coaster. But today was the last day of […]

Bread topped with glossy dark burgundy jam.

How to make honey sweetened jam

Ever since making my first batch of honey sweetened cranberry sauce a couple of years ago I’ve been quite intrigued by the making of preserves and jam, though I’ve actually experimented with it very little. I’ve made various varieties of curd, fruit butter (which is one of my favourite things in the world)and compote, but […]


Spicy squash and bean dip

The other day I went on a bit of a culinary and linguistic journey, and ended up with delicious spicy squash and bean dip! Result! This recipe started somewhere completely different from where it ended up. I had actually set out to make hummus, but when I found I was out of chickpeas -a horrific […]


How to make fruit butter

I like the idea of preserves. The thought that you can take the best of a season and bottle it to enjoy months later is lovely. How excellent to be able to bring a little bit of summer with you into the cold and dark months at the beginning of the year, or that you […]


Kale pesto

I’ve been thinking about kale. I like kale, a lot. I like its ultra green flavour and fibrous texture. I think it’s delicious steamed with a squeeze of lemon juice, or with barley, thrown into a quiche, or whizzed into a smoothie (I don’t even mind the ensuing kale lumps amid the frosty smoothie goodness). […]