Glossy bars of crinkled dark chocolate with flecks of puffed grain, and red and black dried fruit within it

Popped spelt chocolate bars

Yesterday morning I was experimenting with popping grains again -I go through phases of attempting to pop all of those leftover bits of grain in bags at the back of the cupboard- and ended up with some glorious popped spelt! Spelt is a lovely grain and, as evident by its inclusion in oodles of my […]

Dark green nettle leaves coated in crunchy golden dressing.

Tahini lime nettle crisps

My second adventure in foraging (the first being kelp bread!)is in nettles, the resulting recipe some surprisingly delicious tahini lime nettle crisps. The first time that I ever heard about anyone consuming nettles was years ago when a dear friend and I were having an adventure living in a stationary school bus in the middle […]

Small glossy dark chocolate Easter eggs, a bite taken from one, surrounded by purple and white flowers.

Chocolate coconut date Easter eggs

Happy Easter! Hard to believe it’s that time again! The flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are starting to nest, and the Easter Bunny has made his rounds! Spring is definitely here. For those of us who are unrepentant chocoholics, clearly Easter is synonymous with one thing… chocolate. And when said unrepentant chocoholic finds […]


Chocolate alegria

Last weekend I made chocolate alegria, and as a result my day instantly became a joyous one. Alegria is a traditional Mexican desert made from popped amaranth and honey. It’s one of the simplest, quickest, most nutritious and fun snacks you can make. As I’ve mentioned before in my post for fig and amaranth breakfast […]


Spelt apple carrot muffins

It is a beautiful morning here in Shetland. The sun is shining, the hills are glittering white with frost. The air is clear and the blue sky is streaked with wisps of feathery clouds. A magnificent morning to start the week, and what better to accompany such a lovely Monday but some beautiful spelt apple […]


Orange oat and rye cookies

A few days ago we were sitting inside on a cloudy, rainy, windy and generally miserable day. As the grey light lit the room with gloomy rain-streaked light, a glumness and boredom took hold of the household. I got lured, as I too easily do, into aimlessly roaming the internet while convincing myself that it […]


Whole wheat spice and prune cake

A couple of days ago I had my first attempt at making a fruit butter. As it’s the start of October, and firmly into my favourite season, autumn, I decided to make a squash butter as my first attempt. It was lovely; warming, soft and a resplendent celebration autumnal spices. Delicious. The creation of the […]


Coconut macaroons

Shetland is lovely in many ways. It’s safe, has stunning scenery, awe inspiring weather, a rich and vibrant culture, amazing music, and a history so prevalent that it’s palpable. But one of the inescapably sad short comings of my Shetland life is the lack of my family. Shetland is a very long way from the […]