New potatoes with herby green dressing

Chimichurri new potatoes

A few years back my big sister Sophie made a potato salad so glorious that it has lingered in my memory and dreams ever since. It was a hot summer day in Vancouver and my Brother-In-Law had barbecued. We sat in the shade of their huge covered deck eating burgers and salad and sipping lemonade. […]


Kale quinoa tabbouleh

Happy Monday! For the last few weeks I’ve been going through one of those times where everything’s felt a bit lackluster and a bit like wading through waist deep mud. So after a mindfully restful weekend I’m starting this week with renewed energy, and to help with the energy super charge I’ve whipped up a […]


Roasted Brussels sprouts and persimmon

When my little sister, Jane, was in Kindergarten the teacher got them to make model angels as a Christmas project. Jane’s became an instant sensation. The white clay angel, wings outstretched, hands clasped in front of its conical body, and sparkling with gold glitter, bore an expression on its little clay face nearly identical to […]


Chipotle baked beans

Recently our car has been acting far from right. As we travel along, it splutters and hiccups, actions which do not really instill a lot of confidence that you will, in the end, reach your destination. This probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it were just Buddy and I, but when you […]