Buttermilk asparagus quiche

Saturdays are wonderful. The week’s over, everyone’s together, and because there’s the whole of Sunday left for lolling about relaxing together then I always feel like it’s a perfect day for getting all of the little jobs done that you wouldn’t do during the week. It’s also a perfect day for an easily prepared dinner, […]


Veggie fried rice

I’ve been thinking about delivery food. There was a time, not so long ago, where not a week would go by with out my ordering food for delivery. I loved it. There’s something inherently satisfying about eating delivery out of it’s tin foil box in front of a good movie, obviously followed by popcorn and […]


Mole black bean chili

I think that if I had to choose one nationality of food to eat exclusively for the rest of my life I’d probably go with Mexican food. I love it. I love the variety, the spicy flavours, the rice, the beans and veggies, the tortillas. And really, any type of cuisine that allows you to […]


Spelt and rye pizza dough

I think that among “bad for you” foods, pizza has got to be up there among the worst perpetrators. But really, is pizza that bad? I guess that my opinion is that it can be, or it can be a really healthy and nourishing meal. When I lived in Vancouver I was surrounded by pizza […]


Spanish style barley

I have a great love of barley. It started a year or so ago when I first picked up a bag and thought I’d give it a try. At the time the scope of my grain cooking was more or less restricted to rice with the occasional inclusion of quinoa. I had found this recipe […]


Smoky yam and black bean burgers

First of all, a controversial question; In your world are these… …yams or sweet potatoes? Hmmm… In my world, and that of my family, they’re most definitely yams. But a growing number of people seem to be calling them sweet potatoes. Is this some weird Canadian thing to call it a yam? I would argue […]