A bowl of red rice with green leaves running through it, topped with three bright, fresh radishes.

Red rice and radish greens

The second radish recipe of the great radish adventure has to do with the radish tops rather than the radishes themselves. Red rice and radish greens! Up until recently it would not have occurred to me to use vegetable tops in cooking. Usually those beautiful leafy greens would be disregarded and then swiftly discarded. Then, […]

A row of golden semi-circular pastries.

Black bean and sweet potato empanadas

When you look at the food of different cultures it’s clear that we live in a wide, colorful and endlessly varied culinary landscape. There are however always those dishes that seem to resonate the world over with each culture boasting a version of the same theme. Flat-breads, noodles, porridge, stews, and of course some variation […]

Vegan Sloppy Joe

Vegan Sloppy Joes

Up until a few years ago I could not cook. Living in Vancouver’s West End, I was surrounded by restaurants and cafes and take-out places, and so didn’t really need to cook, and at the time, it just never really occurred to me that cooking could bring me so much joy (in fact at the […]


Vegan haggis

To most people The Bard probably refers to Shakespeare. But here in Scotland the Bard refers to someone else entirely. Happy Rabbie Burns night! There are many traditions that go along with the celebration of Burns night, among them, piping in the guests, The Selkirk Grace, the singing of Burns songs, and the ever humorous […]


Patatas bravas

Today I made patatas bravas… fierce potatoes… and they were delicious. I was first drawn to patatas bravas about a year ago. I love potatoes, so really any form of them is good in my books, but the magnificent name of this dish just really elevates it into the realms of epic food I’d say. […]


Wheat berry pilaf

The other day, at a complete loss as to what to make for dinner, I discovered lovely, lovely wheat berry pilaf. It was one of those days when the weekly shop had dwindled to odd remnants. The fridge was empty, the cupboards a wasteland of half used bags of grains and beans. Normally under these […]


Wheat berry mushroom burgers

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with a brilliant local food producer, Jill, from Shetlandeli. I tried out a jar of their award winning Muckle Flugga Piccalilli (excellent name, Shetland’s Muckle Flugga is one of the most northerly points in Britain and home to its most northerly lighthouse)and it was delicious! Notice that I […]



I first heard about toad-in-the-hole from my beautiful cousin, Daisy. She’s a stylish Londoner with an incredible, vibrant London life which she embraces and enjoys fully. I love seeing the pictures of all of her glamorous goings-on on Facebook, and truly admire her obvious joie-de-vie. She moved to Vancouver for a year a few years […]


Ancient grains with lentils

In my world, grains are having a serious moment. I am quite infatuated with the countless varieties of wholesome whole grains with their innumerable nutritional super powers. So today, while trying to think of what to make, I decided to whip up an extravaganza of grain-y goodness in the form of mixed ancient grains with […]