Bowl of pink radish potato soup

Radish potato soup

While perusing the local shop’s selection of veggies the other day, I came across the most beautiful radishes. They were bright red-pink with white and tied in bundles with their leafy green tops. So pretty. I was inspired to buy a couple of bundles and see what I could come up with to make the […]

Crisp ceasar salad with golden croutons and a slice of lemon

Vegan Ceasar salad with polenta croutons

I love Ceasar salad. I love the fresh romaine lettuce covered in creamy garlic filled dressing and the warming crunch of fresh croutons. It’s delicious. However, there is a caveat to its splendor; for vegetarians, and even more so for vegans, it is right off the menu. Ceasar salad was purportedly invented by Ceasar Cardini, […]

Golden flatbread with dark green pesto and lumps of browned goat's cheese

Beremeal flatbread with nettle watercress pesto

Today was a day for some glorious green food. With spring well underway and the garden filled with resplendent life, I was inspired to once again forage some nettles. This time I combined them with watercress to make a pesto that screams springtime. Then I whipped up some flatbread using some beautiful local beremeal, and […]

Bowl of black soup filled with glossy black beans, shreds of red pepper and topped with fresh green coriander leaves and a dollop of yogurt.

Black bean soup

The other day I made one of my all time favourites; black bean soup. I had been in a bit of a funk of low energy which lead to lethargy and mad procrastination, which in turn ends up sucking the joy out of your days. Something had to be done! I’ve been contemplating balance a […]

A bowl of earthy brown cream soup topped with green thyme leaves, and chunks of rustic bread on the side.

Cashew cream of mushroom soup

It’s spring here in Shetland. About a month ago the crocuses came into bloom, followed by the daffodils. Birds are nesting, lambing has begun, and we’ve seen the first of the bumble bees. We even had a beach day. And then … this happened… Snow… in April amid the spring time loveliness… SNOW! I was […]

Falafel with dill buttermilk dressing

Falafel with dill buttermilk dressing

I have a confession to make. I have been trying to start this post for two days, and keep getting lured aside by facebook, and twitter, and articles on celebrities I care nothing about, and new book releases, and about 300 cups of coffee, and… well pretty much anything else that flits into my consciousness. […]

Vegan spelt gyoza

Vegan spelt gyoza

Today I made vegan spelt gyoza for lunch and, I must say, they were delicious! I love dumplings. In fact many of my very favourite foods fall into the dumpling category, among them gnocchi and perogies. But until today I had never made gyoza before, let alone vegan spelt gyoza! Gyoza are the Japanese version […]

Roasted chickpea pita wrap

Roasted chickpea pita wraps

On Wednesday I posted about how to make whole wheat pita bread, so today how about a delicious filling for your freshly baked pita? Roasted chickpea pita wraps! Chickpeas are a pretty classic filling for pitas in the form of glorious and delicious falafel of course, but a few months ago I was thinking about […]

Corn and pepper chowder

Corn and pepper chowder

When Buddy and I were living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, one of our favourite places to spend an afternoon was this little 50’s style diner called Large Marge’s. It was lovely, especially on a cold day when we’d go in to get warmed up. With the couple who owned the place as warm as the […]