A rustic flour covered, oblong loaf.

Sourdough basics

Today’s post comes from a place of absolute delight. After fermenting away for the past six weeks in pride of place in our fridge, my glorious sourdough culture has, without any assistance from added yeast, leavened it’s first beautiful loaf! So today I figured I’d share my sourdough journey so far and talk about what […]


How to make ricotta cheese

The other day I wanted to get some ricotta cheese for an up-coming recipe, but to my dismay the shop seems to have stopped carrying it. What now? Now that I’ve suddenly realized that my culinary life is incomplete without this creamy key to a plethora of recipes, I find it’s unavailable. Faced with the […]


How to make coconut yogurt

I think it would not be inaccurate to say that I am a full-on, unabashed yogurt fiend. I happily gobble up yogurt at least once a day. For me it is heaven. And luckily for me and all fellow yogurt fiends, it’s incredibly good for you too! Yogurt, or fermented milk of one type or […]


How to make yam fries

Yam fries (also known as sweet potato but I have a bit of a semantic chip on my shoulder and insist on sticking with the word yam) are one of those elusive culinary curiosities that have stumped even the most die hard health conscious gourmand. Is it possible to create delicious crispy baked fries from […]


How to make fruit butter

I like the idea of preserves. The thought that you can take the best of a season and bottle it to enjoy months later is lovely. How excellent to be able to bring a little bit of summer with you into the cold and dark months at the beginning of the year, or that you […]


How to make soda bread

As I may have mentioned once or twice…or so… I love to make bread. I think that it’s relaxing and rewarding and wholesome, and is a valuable skill if you’re trying to eat a healthy and minimally processed diet. Baking leavened bread, however takes forethought. If you’re using yeast your loaf will generally need to […]


How to make coconut flour and milk

Coconut has been in the healthy food spotlight a lot lately. New science which has been looking into the role that saturated fats play in our diets, and the discovery that the specific type of saturated fat found in coconut (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is actually beneficial to our health, has sent coconut shooting to the […]


How to make vegetable stock

Well, I finally bit the bullet and have done my first order to have groceries delivered to the house. I don’t really know how I feel about this. There’s something slightly exciting and decadent about the thought of our groceries being selected and packed, and finding their way at someone else’s hand through the rainy […]


How to bake bread

I never used to bake…ever. A few times when I was a kid I had a go at it and deciding that the recipes were not good enough (mostly due to a blatant inadequacy of chocolate content), and that my early-teen-aged-non-bakerly knowledge was certainly ample to come up with something genius, I would stray quite […]