How to make soda bread

As I may have mentioned once or twice…or so… I love to make bread. I think that it’s relaxing and rewarding and wholesome, and is a valuable skill if you’re trying to eat a healthy and minimally processed diet. Baking leavened bread, however takes forethought. If you’re using yeast your loaf will generally need to […]


Whole wheat malt loaf

Before coming to Shetland, I don’t think I’d ever had malt loaf. In fact, I think my only experience with malt was probably restricted to “Whoppers”, the American version of Maltesers, which my big sister liked when we were kids, but I always found a bit weird. Now that my palette has come to its […]


Cinnamon raisin spelt buns

This week I’ve been thinking about happiness. It’s a bit of a stressful time at the moment at casa del Leask. There’s a load of stuff going on in our lives, and it’s easy to spend all of my time worrying and over thinking every thing. This mind set is a habit of a lifetime, […]


Old school Shetland bannocks

Living in Shetland you really can’t help but be taken in by its history. We are surrounded by it. Everywhere you look there are ruins that span the ages. Neolithic standing stones,iron age brochs,viking settlements, and castles from the 12th and 16th centuries. But the most visible of this wide spanning physical history are the […]


Pesto and feta twisty bread

As you can probably tell, I love bread. I think I’ve probably always loved bread, but it wasn’t until I started baking it myself that I really became passionate about it. For me the whole process of baking bread is quite therapeutic in a meditative way. When I really take the time to make dough […]


Simple rye and wheat loaf

For the last two weeks I have had a single minded obsession with finding a simple, yeast leavened rye bread recipe. I’ve been repeatedly making loaves using different recipes, methods, cooking times, shapes and sizes, and none have been really great. I made a couple which worked out quite well, but trying to shape them […]


Chocolate chunk banana spelt bread

For several years now, on Friday nights we have my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and one of our neighbors over for games night. We’ll put the boys to bed, turn on some music and challenge our guests to Trivial Pursuit while Reef Dog, our extremely clever and persistent border collie, pesters our rivals in the hopes that […]


How to bake bread

I never used to bake…ever. A few times when I was a kid I had a go at it and deciding that the recipes were not good enough (mostly due to a blatant inadequacy of chocolate content), and that my early-teen-aged-non-bakerly knowledge was certainly ample to come up with something genius, I would stray quite […]